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Find All of Your HVAC Parts in Sunbury, PA!

Cold. Hot.
These temperature extremes can make your and your family’s lives a lot less comfortable.
Thankfully, modern HVAC conveniences, such as heating systems and air conditioners, allow us to remain contented even in the dog days of a Pennsylvania summer and the bitter months of a Keystone State winter.
However, when those systems break down or malfunction, life can again become miserable.
Why suffer any longer? APW in Sunbury, PA has every HVAC part you need to repair all of your HVAC systems — even that hard-to-find part for older systems!

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We Have Served Northumberland County For Decades
APW has provided the largest selection of HVAC parts for Sunbury, PA, and all of Northumberland County, PA, for decades, especially hard-to-find parts.
Whether you are searching for parts for your heating unit, parts for your air conditioner, or even your heat pump, we have them! You can pick your parts up right in our store, or we can mail them to you.
Why struggle with a broken heating unit or a malfunctioning air conditioner any longer? Pick up that needed HVAC part at APW, and fix it!
Heat things up again with APW in Sunbury, PA!
APW carries every particular part you may need for your heating unit, your heat pump, or your HVAC system. From brackets to valves, from clamps to motors, APW has you covered.
Pennsylvania winters can be extremely cold. When your HVAC system is broken or malfunctioning, you, at least, are going to be miserably uncomfortable and, at most, you put yourself in danger.

Why shiver any longer? Come to APW, and get exactly what you need to fix that heating unit, heat pump, or HVAC system! We have the know-how to get you the exact part you require. A large selection of HVAC parts, paired with great service, and soon, you will be toasty, even in the coldest months of winter!

Chill Out! APW Stocks Air Conditioner Parts, Too!
Just as Pennsylvania winters can be quite cold, Pennsylvania summers can be very warm! It feels great on a hot, sticky July day to come out of the sun and relax in a cool, air-conditioned home. However, when that air conditioner breaks down or is not properly functioning, life becomes uncomfortable.
Why sweat it out? Come to APW, and find that part you need to get your air conditioner blowing cold again!
From electrical parts to motors, from valves to compressors, APW has every part you may require to repair your air conditioner as soon as possible, even — especially — the hard-to-find parts. So just cool down. APW has what you need.
A Hometown Appliance Parts Store for Hometown People!
APW is a hometown appliance parts store. We are not a national chain, and as a hometown store, we care about hometown people.
And we know HVAC parts! APW is singularly a parts store; our specialty — our passion, even — is parts. We also stock major kitchen appliance parts and major laundry appliance parts!
Whether you are an HVAC repair service or simply a DIY-er, we have the parts you need! Count on APW. We have it, especially  that hard-to-find part.