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APW Knows Appliance Parts, Because We Are Simply Appliance Parts

It is a hot day, and you could really enjoy a cold glass of iced tea. You open your refrigerator door, and a sudden, disheartening wave of warm air hits you. Oh, no. Your fridge is broken, and all of your food has spoiled. The refrigerator needs repaired — and soon. But where can you find that hard-to-locate part to properly fix it? APW in Sunbury, PA, has every major kitchen appliance part you need to get your appliances working once again!

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We Carry Kitchen Appliance Parts for All Major Brands

APW has offered the largest selection of major kitchen appliance parts to Sunbury, PA, and all of Northumberland County, PA for decades, including those hard-to-find parts!

Whether you are searching for a new roller assembly for your dishwasher, an element for your oven, or even a spring for your refrigerator door, we have it!
We carry parts for all of the major brands, including GE, Maytag, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool, along with many other brands!

Why struggle with the headache of a broken or malfunctioning kitchen appliance any longer? Get the part from APW, and fix it!
Cool Down! We Have the Area’s Largest Selection of Refrigerator Parts
We carry the area’s largest selection of refrigerator parts! You can find it all at APW, from temperature sensors and evaporator fan grommets to light switches.
Whatever breaks, you can get the right part, right here in Sunbury, PA, and you will be on your way to a functioning fridge once again.

We Will Get You Cooking With Parts For Your Oven and Range

Nothing ruins your family’s dinner as quickly as the words, “The oven broke!”
However, you can get your oven and range properly working again by starting your search for the right part at APW!

We have them all — surface elements and receptacles, oven elements, terminal boards, temperature sensors, and much more.
We know our kitchen appliance parts, and we use that expertise to help you find exactly what you need.

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Do Not Consider Your Search a Wash! We Have Your Dishwasher Parts!
Dealing with dishpan hands? Spending precious time over the sink, scrubbing, scrubbing, and scrubbing some more? Plates… and glasses… and pots… and pans.
The invention of dishwashers ended the tedious task of handwashing, and when your dishwasher breaks or malfunctions, it can be very inconvenient.
But, you can get whatever appliance part you need to fix your dishwasher —  gaskets, door baffles, and much more — right here at APW!
You can pick up the kitchen appliance part at our store, or we can mail it to you! Check us out, and end that seemingly fruitless search for the correct part!
APW is Your Appliance Parts Store in Sunbury, PA

We are your hometown appliance parts store, and as a hometown store, we care about hometown people. We want to help you fix your major kitchen appliances as quickly and as easily as possible.

And APW knows kitchen appliance parts! We are singularly a parts store. We also stock HVAC parts and major laundry appliance parts.

So if you are either a kitchen appliance repair service or a DIY-er, check with us first! We have the parts you need — especially that hard-to-find part — to fix your refrigerator, oven and range, dishwasher, and more!