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In years gone by, our ancestors washed their clothes by hand in big wash tubs or with washboards, work that took a lot of time and effort. They would then hang those clothes on a clothesline to dry under the sun in a warm breeze. Hopefully, the weather remained nice.
However, the invention of the washing machine and the clothes dryer significantly reduced the workload of laundry duty. And modern technology is constantly updated to make that task — and all of our lives — much easier.
But that convenience can become a huge hassle when your washing machine or dryer breaks or malfunctions. Where can you find the exact parts to fix the problem?

APW in Sunbury, PA has every major laundry appliance part you need to make that repair! Visit our location today, or contact us by calling (570) 286-7109 or by using the contact form provided on this website.

We Carry Laundry Parts for All Major Appliance Brands

We have provided the largest selection of major laundry appliance parts for Sunbury, PA, and all of Northumberland County, PA, for decades, and we specialize in those hard-to-find parts!
Parts for your washing machine? We have them! Parts for your dryer? We have those, too!
We carry appliance parts for all of the major brands, including GE, Maytag, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool, along with many other brands!
We also have the expertise to make sure you find the right part the first time!

Why be inconvenienced by a broken or malfunctioning washer or dryer any longer? Come to APW, get the exact part you need, and fix that problem!
Any Washing Machine Part You Could Require
APW has every appliance part you could need for your broken or malfunctioning washing machine! Whether you need a drain pump, an inlet valve, a motor coupler, or a simple spring, APW has it, right here in Sunbury, PA!
You can pick up the part here in our store, or we can mail it to you!
Why Get Hung Out to Dry? Visit APW Right Now!

Certain seasons in Pennsylvania are not necessarily ideal for hanging your clothes on the clothesline to dry. And if your clothes dryer breaks, what will you do with that soaking wet mass of T-shirts or pants that you just pulled from the washing machine?
Get the major laundry appliance part you need from APW, and fix that problem!

Whether you require a drive belt, a front drum bearing, a door catch, or a thermal fuse, you can find your exact part right here in our store!

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APW Knows Appliance Parts, Because We Are Appliance Parts

APW is not a national chain. We are a hometown store, operated by hometown people, for hometown people. And our goal is to help you fix your major laundry appliances with as much ease as possible.

And we know laundry parts! APW is simply, exclusively an appliance parts store. If you need laundry appliance parts, come to the experts!

We also stock HVAC parts and major kitchen appliance parts, too!

Whether you are a laundry appliance repair service or simply a DIY-er, make sure your search for laundry appliance parts begins and ends at APW in Sunbury, PA! We have all of the parts you could possibly need — especially that hard-to-find part —  to fix that problematic washing machine or clothes dryer!