An Abundance
for Sunbury, PA!

APW Even Stocks Those Hard-To-Find Parts

It happened one evening.
You ran your dishwasher after supper, and suddenly, it made a funny, crunching noise.
Then, it stopped making that noise.
Then, it just stopped.
Now, you have searched and searched for the necessary part to repair it, but you just cannot find it anywhere.

Stop searching. Rely on APW in Sunbury, PA! We have the exact appliance part you need to fix your dishwasher, your oven, your washing machine, your dryer, your heating system, or your air conditioner!

Visit our location today, call us at (570) 286-7109 or contact us by using the provided contact form on this website.


Appliance Parts for All of the Major Brands
APW has been serving Sunbury, PA, and all of Northumberland County, PA, for decades, providing the area’s largest selection of appliance parts and supplies, especially those hard-to-find parts!

Have you been looking, with no success, for a dishwasher part? Call us! A part for your washing machine? Contact us today! Heating or air conditioning parts? Not a problem for APW! Whether it is for your kitchen, for your laundry, or for your HVAC system, we have what you need.

We carry parts for all of the major brands, from GE and Maytag to Frigidaire and Whirlpool, along with many other brands!


the Headaches of Broken-Down Appliances?
Our lives should be easier thanks to appliances; this is simply and completely the reason they were invented.
However, when they break down — whether it is in your kitchen, in your laundry room, or an HVAC system — it is a frustrating experience. Your chore list is now harder to complete, and your life becomes a little less comfortable. You also must worry about repairing that broken or malfunctioning appliance.
Avoid the headaches. Fix that problem now, and count on APW to supply the exact part or parts you need to restore your appliance’s functionality —  and your peace of mind.
Are you a professional appliance repair service? We have all the parts you will need for all your customers’ issues. Are you a DIY-er? We sell those parts so you can repair your appliance right away.



AT APW in Sunbury, PA!
Contact us today! APW has the appliance part you need!
We are not a national chain. We are hometown people, and as such, we care about hometown people.
And we know appliance parts, because we are simply appliance parts — for your kitchen appliances, for your laundry room appliances, or for your HVAC system.
Your search ends here! Even if you have not been able to find the elusive part anywhere, we specialize in those hard-to-find parts! We have what you need, and if you cannot pick it up in our store, we can mail it to you!
Trust in APW!